Discovering the Ecotourism Wonders of Tulum

Tulum’s Ecotourism Scene

Tulum, located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, is a popular destination for eco-conscious travelers seeking a sustainable and authentic travel experience. The town’s eco-friendly mindset is reflected in its many eco-lodges, sustainable restaurants, and eco-tourism activities.

With a focus on environmental conservation and community development, Tulum’s ecotourism industry offers travelers the chance to connect with nature while making a positive impact on the local community. From snorkeling in crystal-clear cenotes to exploring ancient Maya ruins, Tulum’s ecotourism scene has something to offer for everyone.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best eco-friendly activities, accommodations, and restaurants in Tulum, so you can experience the town’s unique and sustainable culture for yourself.

Top Ecotourism Activities in Tulum

Tulum is a paradise for eco-conscious travelers, with plenty of activities that allow visitors to explore the natural beauty of the area while minimizing their impact on the environment. Here are some of the top ecotourism activities to try in Tulum:

1. Snorkeling in the Cenotes

Tulum is known for its stunning cenotes, natural sinkholes filled with crystal clear water. Snorkeling in the cenotes is an unforgettable experience, allowing you to swim alongside fish and explore the unique underwater rock formations. Many of the cenotes are located within protected natural areas, so be sure to choose a responsible tour operator that respects the environment.

2. Exploring Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to an incredible variety of wildlife, including jaguars, manatees, and crocodiles. Visitors can explore the reserve on foot, by boat, or by kayak, depending on their preferences. Be sure to choose a tour operator that is committed to sustainable tourism practices and supports the local community.

3. Bike Tours

Biking is a great way to explore the natural beauty of Tulum while minimizing your carbon footprint. There are several bike tour operators in Tulum that offer guided tours of the area’s beautiful beaches, jungles, and cenotes.

4. Turtle Conservation Tours

Tulum is home to several species of sea turtles, including loggerhead, hawksbill, and green turtles. Many tour operators offer guided tours of the turtle nesting sites, allowing visitors to learn about turtle conservation efforts and witness the hatching of baby turtles.

5. Bird Watching

Tulum is a haven for bird watchers, with over 300 species of birds in the area. Visitors can take guided bird watching tours to spot rare and exotic birds in their natural habitats.

These are just a few of the many ecotourism activities available in Tulum. No matter what your interests are, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the area in a responsible and sustainable way.

Ecotourism Accommodations in Tulum

Tulum is known for its eco-friendly accommodations that offer a unique experience for travelers who want to connect with nature while enjoying comfort and luxury. From sustainable treehouses to eco-villas and jungle retreats, there are plenty of options for eco-conscious travelers.

List of top rated ecotourism accommodation in Tulum (9+ ratings in Booking)

Zamunda Garden View Apartments

Ratings: 9.7, based on 451 reviews
Google reviews: 4.9/5, based on 69 reviews
Set on leafy grounds off Federal Highway 307, this informal hotel is 5 km from the Tulum Archaeological Zone and 6 km from Paradise Beach.
Address: calle, entre calle xcaret y chemuyil, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
Phone: +52 984 215 2014

Wakax Hacienda Tulum

Booking: 9.5, based on 450 reviews
Google reviews: 4.8, based on 60 reviews
Wakax Hacienda welcomes travelers in search of a complete disconnection from the hectic lifestyle of our times, and those who seek a genuine encounter with nature and their inner selves.

This amazing property is a classic architectural gem, built as a modern homage to the traditional XVIII century colonial style of the Yucatan Haciendas.
Address: Playa Del Carmen, Carr. Cancún – Tulum Km 239, 77776 Tulum, Q.R.
Phone: +52 999 530 1515

Radhoo Tulum

Booking: 9.1, based on 289 reviews
Google reviews: 4.7, based on 102 reviews
In buildings with thatched roofs, this charming adults-only hotel is flanked by forest and features jungle-inspired decor. It’s 2 minutes’ walk from the Caribbean Sea, and 9 km from both Tulum Archaeological Zone and Federal Highway 307.  

VerdeAmar Eco Lodge

Booking: 9.5, based on 123 reviews
Google reviews: 5/5, based on 15 reviews
This sustainable property of VerdeAmar Eco Lodge is located in the heart of the jungle, offering comfortable rooms, nice pool and a superb hospitality by Pepe and CarolinaAddress: Av. Las Palmas s/n, 77774 Chemuyil, Q.R., Mexico
Phone: +529844516641

Nativus Glamping & Cenote Tulum

Booking: 8.3 based on 393 reviews
Google reviews: 4.5/5, based on 116 reviewsOff State Highway 15, surrounded by tropical trees, this tranquil hotel is 1 km from the nearest beach and 9 km from Paradise Beach.  

Eco-Friendly Restaurants in Tulum

Tulum is also known for its vibrant food scene, with plenty of options for eco-conscious travelers. Here are some of the top eco-friendly restaurants in Tulum:

Hartwood: This restaurant is committed to sustainability, using local and seasonal ingredients and cooking on an open flame grill. Hartwood also uses composting toilets and recycles waste to minimize their environmental impact.

Raw Love: This plant-based restaurant offers healthy and delicious food that is sourced locally and organically. Raw Love is committed to sustainability, using compostable plates and cutlery and recycling waste.

Tips for Planning an Ecotourism Trip to Tulum:

1. Plan ahead: Tulum is a popular ecotourism destination and accommodations, tours, and activities can book up quickly. Be sure to plan ahead and make reservations in advance to avoid missing out on your preferred options.

2. Choose eco-friendly accommodations: When planning your trip, consider staying at an eco-friendly accommodation such as an eco-lodge or sustainable hotel. These accommodations are designed to minimize their impact on the environment and support local communities.

3. Pack responsibly: When packing for your trip, bring environmentally-friendly products such as reusable water bottles, cloth bags, and eco-friendly toiletries. Avoid packing single-use plastics and disposables to reduce your environmental impact.

4. Support local businesses: Tulum is home to many small, locally-owned businesses that offer unique and authentic experiences. Support these businesses by eating at local restaurants, shopping at local markets, and booking tours with local operators.

5. Respect the environment: Tulum’s natural beauty is what draws many visitors to the area, and it’s important to respect and protect the environment during your visit. Follow Leave No Trace principles and practice responsible tourism by staying on designated trails, disposing of waste properly, and avoiding activities that may harm the environment.

By following these tips, you can plan a sustainable and responsible ecotourism trip to Tulum that supports the local community and protects the natural environment.

FAQs related to ecotourism in Tulum:

Q: What is ecotourism, and why is Tulum a good destination for it?
A: Ecotourism is a form of travel that focuses on responsible and sustainable interactions with the natural environment and local communities. Tulum is an ideal destination for ecotourism due to its stunning natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, and commitment to sustainable tourism practices.

Q: What are some of the best ecotourism activities to do in Tulum?
A: Some of the top ecotourism activities in Tulum include visiting cenotes, exploring the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, snorkeling with sea turtles in Akumal, and taking a sustainable agriculture tour.

Q: What are some of the best eco-friendly accommodations in Tulum?
A: Some of the top eco-friendly accommodations in Tulum include Zamunda Garden View Apartments, Wakax Hacienda, Radhoo Tulum, and VerdeAmar Eco Lodge. These hotels and resorts prioritize sustainability and responsible tourism practices.

Q: What are some eco-friendly dining options in Tulum?
A: There are many eco-friendly dining options in Tulum, with a focus on farm-to-table cuisine and sustainable seafood. Some popular options include Hartwood and Row Love.

Q: What should I pack for an ecotourism trip to Tulum?
A: It’s a good idea to pack light and bring items like reusable water bottles, biodegradable sunscreen, and insect repellent. Comfortable and breathable clothing and shoes are also recommended for outdoor activities.

Q: How can I support sustainable tourism in Tulum?
A: You can support sustainable tourism in Tulum by choosing eco-friendly accommodations, supporting local businesses and artisans, respecting local culture and customs, and practicing responsible tourism behaviors like reducing waste and conserving resources.


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